Partner: Drug Free Treatment Unit, Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, University Hospital of North Norway (Norway)

Main results of the initiative:

During the four-day visit to Tromso, a close bilateral cooperation was established between Lithuanian and Norwegian organizations working in the field of human rights and mental health. Knowledge and good practices were shared. Lithuanian experts became acquainted with the activities of the Department of Non-Prescribing Treatment, the application of the "Open Dialogue" reflective teams and the Network perspective in practice, and will apply the acquired knowledge in their further activities, especially in the field of mental health and human rights advocacy and the development of new mental health services in Lithuania and the wider Eurasian region. The Norwegian partners became acquainted with the WHO "Quality Rights" methodology and will be able to apply the acquired knowledge to assess and improve the quality of their services and compliance with human rights standards. PSP experts visited the community-based service for people with mental health problems at the Fountain House and had an in-depth meeting and discussion with one of the staff members.

Following the visit, an analysis of the results and a report were conducted, several analytical articles were published, and publicity activities were carried out. A common project application was developed and submitted to the ACF. The partnership will continue through the project activities, financed by the ACF, also through the adaptation and development of the "Open Dialogue" methodology.

Implementation period: 21/02-03/03 2020

Partner: Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival (Norway)

Main results of the initiative:

During the visit, the planned socio-cultural activities and possible areas of cooperation were discussed. An operational strategy and action plan that could be applied to represent and empower members of the LGBT+ community individually and in partnership were shared and the basis for the further cooperation was strengthened.

It was decided to create conditions for the representatives of the partners to visit the organized LGBT + festivals, to involve them in the creation of programs, sharing the recommendations of films and creators. The initiative refined ideas for perpetuating LGBT + history, collecting and presenting archival material at cultural and social events. Contacts with two local organizations were established. Opportunities for wider cooperation in the Nordic and Baltic region were refined, identifying other partners in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

An application for a project, which involves cooperation between organizations and is aimed at improving the representation and empowerment of vulnerable groups, was submitted to the ACF.

Implementation period: 27/02-03/03 2020

Partner: Norwegian Neighbourhood Organisation (Norway)

Bodø Commune

Main results of the initiative:

During the visit, meetings with three Norvegian organizations were held to discuss the destruction, preservation and restoration of heritage, to analyse local problems, to present a concept of Kaunas project and to discuss possible joint activities. Particular attention was given to the analysis and understanding of the socio-cultural context of both sides, the sharing of good practices on how to mobilise active citizens, how to reconcile the interests of all, e.g. protecting cultural heritage and allowing the city to continue to develop in a new way. Together with Norwegian partners a project application was submitted to the ACF.

Implementation period: 05/02-05/03 2020

Partner: Multiple Sclerosis Society of Iceland (Iceland)

Main results of the initiative:

A visit of the representatives of Lithuanian Multiple Sclerosis Union to the Icelandic counterparts was carried out. During the visit, meetings with MS society of Iceland were held to discuss Lithuanian and Icelandic experience in social integration of MS patients. New knowledge and experience were gained and shared. A partnership between Lithuanian and Icelandic Multiple Sclerosis Organisations was established and a project application was submitted to the ACF as a result of this partnership.

Implementation period: 07/02-07/03 2020