This project aims to minimize fairs related to Istanbul convention ratification and legalizing gender - neutral partnership, by providing professionally selected and prepared information. Target groups of this project are teachers and students. Teachers are chosen because of their significant role in educating and transmitting information to the youth. The two human rights issues are relevant to both target groups, especially due to a dissemination of disinformation targeted at these groups specifically.

In the framework of the project three e-newsletters „I think“ will be prepared, each containing carefully selected media sources, opinions on social media, experts’ comments and special tasks for students. Specific topics of the newsletter will be selected according to the Parliament’s agenda and developments in the society. Not less than 32 000 teachers who use e-diary TAMO will receive the newsletter.

As the result of the project, we will educate teachers and students about the mentioned human rights topics. They will develop the culture of grounded and respectful discussion, increase critical thinking and media literacy skills, reflect on stereotypes, the meaning of empathy and tolerance. Target groups will define their civic stand and in the long run it will add to the accountability of the governmental institutions.

Implementation period: 01/05/2021 – 31/10/2021


The project “Think as you think” aims to strengthen the civic community of smaller Lithuanian municipal schools by creating favorable conditions for returning to the organization of contact education, not following negative prejudices and creating favorable conditions for the integration of vulnerable groups.

During the project, a human rights communication campaign will be implemented, during which educational videos will be created and publicized, denying stereotypes about 4 selected social groups, maintaining contact with the communities of smaller Lithuanian municipalities and creating an integration-friendly environment in schools.

Implementation period: 01/07/2021 – 31/12/2021


The project “Strong Regions - Strong State” designed to strengthen the competencies of non-governmental sector representatives who are delegated to the Partner Groups under the Regional Development Councils. The main objective of the project is to ensure that delegated representatives could properly represent the non-governmental sector in the regions, contribute to changes in public policy. The main attention is paid to the development of representation, submission and presentation of proposals or recommendations, advocacy, decision-making, negotiation competencies. The project will also create and develop a network of delegated representatives. We will encourage their cooperation and communication, sharing of experience and good practice. Experts from national umbrella organizations will also be involved in the networking, sharing their experience and strengthening the position of representatives. They will also share insights, relevant documents and issues from their supervised sectors.

Implementation period: 20/06/2021 – 20/12/2021