Project partners:

Šimoniai Forest Community

Vokė Community


At present the problem of preparing forest policy documents of national and regional importance is that civil society does not have sufficient knowledge to be involved in these processes and to represent ecological and social interests. Through this project we aim to strengthen the capacity of civil society to participate in public policy and to bring together a network of communities, NGOs and experts on forest issues. In response to the potential long-term damage to the ecological condition of forests and its social benefits, we aim to use more effective publicity, legal advice, etc. measures to enable the interested society to fully participate in the forest policy-making processes and to submit proposals for the amendment of laws. The mobilization and involvement of stakeholders in the forest policy-making process would have a positive impact on the long-term ecological and social strategy of forest policy, making it more likely to ensure nature protection and social interest in main national and regional forest planning documents.

Implementation period: 20/04/2022 - 30/06/2022


Operation Matryoshka is a short series of investigative stories that aims at revealing assets owned by members of Russia‘s elite, affiliated with sanctioned individuals, and the connections of these people with the Lithuanian political elite. The project also aims to identify business structures that facilitate individuals with dubious reputation the entry into EU on business grounds and set up legal entities for individuals that are suspected of being involved in pro-Kremlin activities in Lithuania. The project seeks to disclose information of value to both the general public and the law enforcement and initiate decisions on the national level, in order to investigate possible cases of financial fraud and increase the level of transparency as well as improve the access to information in Lithuania, both for journalists and for the civil society.

Implementation period: 08/04/2022 - 31/05/2022