One of the objectives of the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 is to strengthen the bilateral cooperation between the civil society organisations from Lithuanian and entities from Donor States (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) through partnerships and joint activities and the exchange of knowledge and experience.

The open calls under the Active Citizens Fund (ACF) aim to ensure a high-quality and mutually beneficial bilateral cooperation, i.e. to support the exchange of experience and good practices, sharing or transferring knowledge and technologies, networking and joint activities, by funding the projects that are jointly implemented by the CSOs of Lithuania and the entities of the Donor States

Strengthening of bilateral cooperation is also supported by bilateral cooperation initiatives aimed at partner search, development of partnerships, joint planning and preparation of applications of the ACF projects that are implemented together with partners from Donor States (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway). An ongoing call for bilateral cooperation initiatives gives organisations an opportunity to receive timely funding for organising partner search visits, matchmaking meetings, individual short-term internships and know-how exchange.

In addition to funding bilateral cooperation initiatives, before each round of open calls for proposals, the Fund Operator will organise matchmaking events and workshops between organisations from Lithuania and Donor states thus enabling them to communicate directly and share ideas relevant to the aims and priorities of the ACF. The first bilateral matchmaking meeting was organised in Vilnius on 23 Oct 2019. It was dedicated to such themes as civic participation (especially digital participation), civic education and empowerment of socially vulnerable groups.

In addition to the Active Citizens Fund, the Norwegian Helsinki Committee and the Icelandic Human Rights Centre, representing their states in a context of the ACF program, can also provide support to Lithuanian organisations in their search for partners or the examples of good practices in the Donor States. To facilitate the search for potential partners, the Norwegian Helsinki Committee has established a partnership database

The Active Citizens Fund program in Lithuania foresees the allocation of EUR 170 000 to bilateral cooperation.

Call for Bilateral Cooperation Initiatives >

Attention!!! Non-profit organizations from Iceland, Liechtenstein, or Norway (Donor States)  that are interested to gather practical experience in Lithuanian NGOs or alternatively to host NGO colleagues from Lithuania are invited to apply for bilateral practical learning mobility projects until 15 of December, 2022. Call documents are here