We are looking for non-profits from Donor States interested in gaining experience in NGOs in Lithuania

There is an urgent and valuable invitation in the calendar of the “Active Citizens Fund” (ACF) program, which the Open Lithuania Foundation and its partners have been administering for the second year already! Unlike the previous calls, the value is not measured by the funds allocated to the activity, but by the rare opportunity for staff and volunteers of non-profit organizations to develop their skills through internships. 

Until 2022 December 15 non-profit organizations from Iceland, Liechtenstein, or Norway (Donor States) are invited to apply for projects, which could cover short-term trips (from 5 to 20 work days) of their staff/volunteers to Lithuania to practically learn, gain experience, build partnerships and create joint projects. Alternatively, non-profits from Donor States could also host NGO colleagues from Lithuania enabling them to temporarily integrate into the hosting NGO, learn and develop new valuable competences or establish partnerships. Activities must be implemented by March 31, 2024. 

These practical learning mobility projects are fully covered by the Active Citizens Fund. Direct hosting organization (mentor salary, interpretation, etc.) and participant related costs (travel, insurance, accommodation, per diems) are financed, participant’s salary and indirect costs are compensated. 

“This experience exchange model is well-known and widely applied by organizations seeking to develop their activities proactively and be at the forefront. We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity that rarely occurs in the NGO sector, which opens wider perspectives for the further activities of your organization”, invites Marta Gadeikienė, program manager of Open Lithuania Foundation. 

New partnerships or joint projects are among possible outcomes of these projects. A necessary condition for bilateral practical learning mobility projects is the participation of non-profit organization of a Donor State. 

Non-profit organizations from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway looking for Lithuanian NGOs to partner in this call can contact the Fund operator at info@apf.lt.

Invitation documents: 

1 page summary of the call

Call for applications for bilateral cooperation – practical learning mobility

Application form  

Budget for practical learning mobility

Declaration of the participating organization

Should you have any questions regarding this call please contact the Fund operator at info@apf.lt or check our F.A.Q. section.


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