Invitation to the international meeting “Hearing the Other” in Krasnagruda

The Open Society Foundations (operator of the Active Citizens Foundation in Lithuania) and the Stefan Batory Foundation (operator of the Active Citizens Foundation in Poland) and the Paribio Centre for Arts, Culture and Nations, led by the Paribio Foundation, invite you to a three-day international workshop “Hearing the Other” on intercultural dialogue in Krasnagruda.

On 2-6 October 2021, Krasnagruda will host a meeting for Lithuanian and Polish civil society organisations dealing with the integration/empowerment and intercultural dialogue of ethnic/national minorities/immigrants/asylum seekers/refugees. Particularly invited are regional, rural organisations and those focusing on Belarusians and all current asylum seekers.

Objectives of the workshop:

To renew the ideas and values behind the daily hard work of social integration of ethnic/national minorities/immigrants/asylum seekers/refugees;

To review the current socio-political challenges of civil society and intercultural dialogue in Lithuania and Poland at a time of fragmentation and ethnocentric authoritarian tendencies;

Generate ideas for possible short- and long-term solutions and initiatives that could be taken by mutual Belarusian, Lithuanian and Polish practitioners building intercultural links.

To help build the capacity of civil society organisations through the Active Citizens Foundation projects in Lithuania and Poland.

Workshop activities will take the form of discussions, inspirational lectures, workshops set in the context of nature and the incendiary socio-cultural heritage of the Lithuanian-Polish border, using the resources and knowledge of the “Paribio Foundation”. The detailed programme of the workshop will be shared with registered participants.

Seminar programme

Number of places: 30 places in total for participants from Lithuania and Poland. 2 persons per organisation.

Important: The venue is accessible for people with disabilities.

Language of the seminar: Lithuanian and Polish, with translation.

Costs: Participants’ travel, accommodation, meals and COVID-19 tests (if needed) are covered by the organisers.

Registration deadline 12 September 2021. Selected participants will be announced on 17 September.

Registration form for Lithuanian civil society organisations:

Registration form for Polish civil society organisations:

The workshop is a joint initiative of the Lithuanian and Polish operators of the Active Citizens Foundation as part of their Regional Civil Society Initiatives Plan, funded by EEA Financial Mechanisms.

If you have any questions, please contact the seminar organisers:

In Lithuania: Sandra Adomavičiūtė:

In Poland: Anna Fedas:


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