The final results of the first open call launched by the ACF: 66 projects funded

The administrators of the Active Citizens Fund (ACF) in Lithuania – The Open Lithuania Foundation,  “Geri norai” and “OSFL Projektai” – announces that the final list of the funded projects to be developed with the aim of strengthening, reinforcing and empowering the Lithuanian civil society has been published. This list has been approved by the Executive Board of the ACF Operator in Lithuania in line with the recommendations of the Selection Committee of the ACF in Lithuania.

151 applications were received (total amount of funding requested – EUR 14.5 million) during the first open call for proposals and the funding was allocated to 66 projects (total amount of allocated funding –  EUR 5.9 million). The total amount of funding requested at the project concept stage was EUR 46 million, while at the stage of the full project proposals it amounted to EUR 500.000.

The financing was prioritised on the projects related to the following thematic outcomes: the increased citizen participation in civic activities (20 projects) and vulnerable groups empowered (20 projects). Fewer project applications were received in the outcome of the enhanced capacity and sustainability of civil society.

67 non-governmental organisations involved in the projects (applicants or partners) are not based in the city of Vilnius. Organisations that are based in the regions of Lithuania are involved in 42 projects (out of 66 projects). 14 organisations from Norway and 4 organisations from Iceland are planning to take part in 15 projects. The ACF team welcomes such a regional focus of the project content.

The second open call for the submission of proposals to the Active Citizens Fund will be announced in autumn 2021.

More than 250 civil society organisations (including at least 80 small-scale organisations operating at the local level) are expected to take part in the activities initiated or financed by the ACF in Lithuania within 5 years. At least 180 projects implemented by these organisations will receive funding and approximately 10.000 people will get involved in their activities.


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